Why Is HCG the Most Prescribed Obesity Treatment Today?

Many people are trying to lose weight, and many people go to their doctors to help them do so. This is understandable, as physicians are highly qualified generally in weight loss techniques. Many keep up to date on the latest research and are well informed about what methods work and which do not work so well. For this reason it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor, if you have one, about what program is best and which one will work for you.

The HCG diet today is by far the most prescribed and recommended treatment by doctors, and for good reason.  Many recent studies have shown that HCG not only works, it’s roughly 4 times as effective as dieting alone.  The reasons for this are relatively simple.  HCG works by directly boosting your metabolism and decreasing your appetite by sending receptor signals to your brain.  It’s the only known substance that can do this and acts in this manner.

The Results Often Seen When Using this Hormone

The outcomes customers experience with HCG are typically quite predictable.  Most people lose between thirty and forty pounds per regimen on average.  This holds true even for those that are on traditionally difficult medications, such as those who are taking artificial hormones for underactive thyroids.  The mechanism through which it works offers a direct route to burn more fat, and the reduced calorie diet phase of the protocol just works to help in this regard.

Best HCG Diet MethodsWhen you select which method you are going to use to lose weight, you will probably encounter some difficulty as there are many options.  Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, but all will work for the HCG protocol.  HCG drops or injections are by far the most popular.  Doctors often recommend the injections because they use a base of B-12 along with the delivery of HCG.  This helps considerably maintaining metabolism and keeping people energetic during phase two of the protocol.  However, real HCG drops like HCG Plus actually contain B-12 at the base (which is absorbed sublingually very well) and offers much the same benefits as injections.

B-12 is an antioxidant as well, which means that it cuts down on the risks for cancer via the destruction of free radicals we produce in our bodies.  HCG taken through drops can have these benefits, but HCG from pills will not.  B-12 must be administered in liquid form, and cannot be put into a pill (it also has to be placed under your tongue or injected).  This does give a decided advantage to oral droplets in lieu of pills.

Injections compared to drops don’t offer a tremendous amount in the way of advantages, but they do offer some difficulties.  Injectible HCG is quite expensive, with a full regimen often costing over $800.  Whereas real HCG drops cost only $60-100 per regimen.  They’re also quite painful to administer, and have a finite shelf life.  However, many physicians recommend injections because it’s so difficult to find clinical dosages of real HCG in oral drops.  Most drops that are sold are being marketed as “homeopathic” which is just a way of indicating they don’t contain the actual hormone whatsoever (or contain so little it’s not effective).  If you’re anxious to ensure the product is real, injections are a good option as well.  It is possible, however, to find products like real HCG Plus which do contain the same content of the hormone.