Why the HCG Diet Succeeds Where Other Programs Fail

The major weight loss issues of our time are being addressed in both a scientific fashion that is both time consuming and produces weaker, less rapid results. Nowadays people are living lifestyles which are planted in one place, sedentary and barely any exercise each day. Understandably, as it takes more and more time just to make a living and produce enough income to feel secure, many people are finding it to be a major challenge to make time to take care of themselves as they know they should. It’s not only difficult to maintain a strict diet routine, there are already new methods which have been introduced which actually can generate rapid weight loss without having to indulge in rigorous and difficult routines. The choice of going the “path less travelled” is one that many people are choosing today, and ironically, is just what the HCG diet is for.

Modern day dieters are now using the HCG diet among this group of highly effective and unconventional treatments for obesity. HCG has proven itself over the years a highly effective treatment, and many users have told of their success. This hormone has been consistently endorsed due to its effectiveness by both physicians and researchers. Precisely how the hormone works, and how it offers these advantages to you, is something that we plan to cover here.

How the HCG diet Works

healthy vegetable juiceThe way the HCG diet works comes from a hormone which is called “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin”, a natural hormone normally produced in both men and women, though women produce it specifically in pregnancy. There are natural properties of this hormone which make it an ideal candidate for weight loss treatment due to its natural properties. Once taking this hormone is combined with a reduced calorie diet, typically 500 calories per day or 700 calories per day depending on the program, the weight loss results will be rapidly seen. These results come from:

  • Changes in the user’s metabolism which increases weight burn rates
  • Stored energy is burnt due to the reduction in calories eaten per day
  • Stimulates the hormone product in the brain’s hypothalamus, which increases fat burning characteristics and boosts energy.
  • Energy is provided by stored fat reserves, rather than from the food taken in. This results in 0.5-2 pounds of weight loss per day.

The use of this hormone may look simple from the surface, but what is actually going on in your body is anything but. That part of the use of the HCG hormone makes this method one of the best weight loss methods available today.

The advantages that come from using the HCG diet for weight loss

  1. drink-more-waterNo need for gym memberships – Using this weight loss program, you don’t have to opt for continuous exercise routines or expensive gym memberships. On the original protocol by Dr. Simeons, a 30 minute walk is permitted per day, but is not required for steady weight loss. HCG by its very nature mobilizes stored fat in our bodies and as a result sweating it out in a gym is not required.
  2. A Diet That’s Full of Choice – Even though the 500 calorie diet is somewhat restrictive there are still many choices. On the modern OWL approach, there are even more choices than on the original diet. You can have lean proteins but no sugar or starches. There are, however, many choices of foods that can be had while on the diet and no restrictions are actually completely hard-lined. Much of the diet is designed around eating natural foods and progressing positively in the direction of healthier food choices in general.
  3. Can fit into a busy schedule – Many diets are so restrictive that they become impossible to follow at work or when out doing things. The HCG diet is not one of those. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to cook or prep meals, there are many very fast, easy choices on how to make things work. This diet is simple and well defined, with clear goal oriented choices. The only limitation some people have is keeping their HCG refrigerated at work, but many simply schedule their dosages around their work schedules instead.
  4. Rapid, Encouraging Results – Probably the single biggest deciding factor if someone succeeds or fails on any diet is whether they remain motivated. This is true for any diet, but what is clear from studies, the faster you see results the more likely you are to stick to it. Rapid results are highly encouraging, and that’s where the use of this hormone really shines. People are able to lose 10 pounds in the first week quite often, and those kind of fast results lead to very little people dropping the program quickly. Even smaller weight loss goals can be achieved on this program, it’s not only for those seeking to lose lots of weight.
  5. Easy Administration -While there are many other weight loss plans out there that claim to be quick and easy, nothing is as promising as the HCG diet, particularly in its easy of administration. You simply either inject yourself once a day for the more traditional method, or place drops 3 times per day under your tongue. Since HCG Plus actually contains the real hormone unlike so many competitors out there, you will achieve rapid results. The recommended diet just accelerates the weight loss seen.
  6. Long lasting results – One of the primary problems people have with any weight loss program is the length of time they get to experience their results. On average, within 6 months after a diet is complete, all of the weight has been gained back. This is due to many reasons, including a return to a nominally similar diet, or simply being an unsustainable diet to begin with. Not so with the HCG diet. This diet is designed to maintain weight that is lost, and it’s quite easy to start the program again at any time. The food choices are designed around sustainable, long term, success.

The HCG diet is certainly known as one of the best ways to lose weight, not only due to the health benefits and ease of use, but the high level of efficacy that it provides. Health benefits beyond just weight loss have often been seen as well, which is tremendously beneficial.