Making the Impossible Possible

Keeping Your Ultimate Goals in Sight – How to Feel Good Looking in The Mirror

The difficult of any weight loss method is that you have to keep your long-term goals where they belong, as a motivating factor, and not think about them day to day.  Yes, you may be aiming to lose 20 or 30 pounds total, which is easily possible with HCG plus drops, but it’s not going to be something that happens overnight.  You need to maintain a level of cautious optimism and keep a steady dosage of small, achievable goals each day to lead you towards this end results.  Rather than weighing yourself every morning and getting upset if you didn’t lose as much as you wanted, you need to concentrate on the day to day tasks, for example taking your HCG, eating properly and cooking healthy natural foods.  This is in itself a very important part of the HCG protocol.

The HCG diet as an approach that does offer rapid success, usually people lose 10 to 20 pounds within the first two weeks on our real product.  However, this is not always so, and even if you don’t see these kinds of results right away, that doesn’t mean the protocol won’t work well for you over the entire three phases.  For those that have fewer pounds to lose, have slower metabolisms in general, or otherwise have issues losing weight quickly, results can be as low as 0.5 lbs/day during the diet.  This doesn’t mean that the HCG diet isn’t working for you, rather, your body may just be different than the best results we see from our customers.

Managing Expectations and Staying Motivated

What Makes for A Good Goal?Having goals and expectations is certainly a good thing, and it’s important to have these if you want to succeed losing weight over a long period of time.  However, you need to manage these in a way that’s both reasonable and attainable.  The HCG diet is indeed powerful and can help you lose weight quickly, but if your results aren’t meeting your expectations you may need to change what you expect rather than something being wrong with the diet itself.

Much research has been done on the use of this hormone over the years and how it works, and there’s wide variability between individuals and the speed in which they lose weight.  Not everyone is capable of losing such a huge amount of weight so quickly.  For example, men typically lose much more weight than women when dieting, even through relatively simple changes.  You often hear about men who lose 10 or 15 pounds within a few weeks if they just cut out soda from their diet.  It’s much rarer to hear this same sort of thing from women as their bodies are different.

Phase two of the HCG diet is the point that most people begin to lose weight rapidly.  This is when your body is consuming few calories but burning lots of them due to increases in metabolism.  Using HCG drops you will receive the same results, so long as they’re actual HCG and not those fake homeopathic or hormone-free products out there.  Phase two of the diet is where the bulk of your success will come in, and it’s important to closely follow the guidelines.  Beyond that however, your attitude will make all the difference (as well as making attainable goals that you can actually reach).