Privacy Policy

Here at HCG Drops Plus we take protecting your privacy very seriously. For that reason, we’ve posted this privacy policy to inform you just how we plan to do that.  Note that by using and visiting this HCG Drops Plus website you are implicitly accepting this Privacy Policy and all that it outlines.

What kind of information is HCG Drops Plus gathering about visitors and how do you use it?

When you connect to the internet you are assigned a type of domain name (e.g., and also an IP address (e.g., Whenever we receive a visitor to our website, our servers will log this information (this is done on every website in the world, as this is how servers work).  The information this contains is as follows:

  • The website or IP that referred you to us
  • Your present IP address
  • If you were linked by another site, that information is also logged
  • What type of browser you’re using
  • If applicable, the operating system that you’re using at the time.
  • Any search terms or information passed to us by a search engine if that’s how you arrived.

This information has been heavily standardized, and all personally identifying information is stripped from this.  However, in our opinion, there’s no real problem with this practice as this is what web servers do by nature.

We collect this information in order to adapt our website so it displays properly on all devices.  Additionally, by knowing where you came from and what you were looking for when you did so, we can maximize our company’s exposure and allow even more people to benefit from our products.

Do you use Cookies?

Cookies are text files which are transferred to a temporary storage area in your browser.  These are completely innocuous, and are there only to allow you to do things like checkout from our shopping cart, or add items to the shopping cart.  If you didn’t have cookies, this wouldn’t work at all.

It is possible to change whether you accept cookies within your browser itself, however, if you disallow cookies you will not be able to checkout with any website on the web.  Additionally, for the most compatibility possible, you will want to enable 3rd party cookies as well.  This allows for the best viewing experience across all websites.

What other information does HCG Drops Plus request?

When you check out on our website, we request things like your address, name and other information (such as credit card info).  However, this information is all completely encrypted.  We use a 2048-bit encryption within our browser on our site.  You can see the green lockbox appear in your browser when you go through the checkout process.  This means that all information which you are sending to us is encrypted to a high degree.

Sensitive information is not stored at all by us, and in fact, even if we wanted to we would be unable to rebill your card at all without your permission.  We do this for security reasons, as we don’t want our customers to ever have any problems when ordering our products.

Will HCG Drops Plus give any information collected to third parties?

HCG Drops Plus will only disclose your personal information or any of its log file information when required by law or in the good-faith belief that such actions are necessary in the following circumstances:

  • When given notice of some breach of US law delivered to HCG Drops Plus.
  • Defend the rights or property of HCG Drops Plus or any other visitors of HCG Drops Plus.
  • Help identify people, when required by law and with the issuing of a subpoena.

HCG Drops Plus uses all reasonable measured to protect this information collected from falling into any hands not authorized by law to have that information.  We take customer and visitor privacy very seriously which is why we encrypt all information.

HCG Drops Plus, as part of its site, also provides links to external websites. Of course, we have no control over those websites or how they deal with your information.  Although we always try to link to the best resources for information, this is not always possible.  As a result, it’s wise to check on their policies as well.