Terms and Conditions

When you purchase our real HCG drops product, HCG Plus, you get with that a team of support people that are here to help you achieve success.  We aim to make sure every customer is not only happy with their purchase but they also have their questions and concerns addressed.

Shipping and Delivery

Our packages are mailed out the same day in almost all circumstances, as long as the order is placed on a weekday.  If orders are placed after 3pm EST, they will go out the very next day.  USPS is the delivery service of choice for our products, so that we can provide maximum support for PO boxes and various other addresses people choose, including international delivery locations.  We aim to deliver all orders as quickly as possible.

Normal delivery times vary by location, however, for most US locations delivery takes 2 to 3 business days.  For international orders they will arrive from 7 to 21 business days, depending on location.  The closer to the USA you are the faster the order will be delivered typically.  Canada and most European orders come with tracking standard for our cheap $9.99 rate.

Our Money Back Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason within 30 days we offer a refund for all products we sell.  All you need to do is contact us at sales@hcgplusdrops.com and request instructions on a return.  Of course, this is extremely rare for customers to want to do, but we always stand behind our products.  Please read our section on returns for more information on how this process works.

Returns and Refunds

When people have problems, want to return their orders, or need replacements, they should contact us immediately at sales@hcgplusdrops.com.  We will be able to help you return your order or get a replacement for any damaged items.  For the most part, these sorts of issues never come up, but if you order from our website you agree to contact us before talking to your bank, and allowing us the opportunity to remedy any issues or problems with your order.

We allow returns for 30 days for any reason, you don’t have to keep some kind of journal, or some other log about your diet to return the product.  Even though our product is real HCG, and as such will be the most effective product anyone can use, some people still don’t want to do the HCG diet for various reasons.  Simply contact us if you wish to return a product and instructions will be given.  For returns within 30 days, shipping and handling charges are deducted for unopened products, whereas opened products have a 15% restocking fee applied to them as they need to be returned to the manufacturing lab.

Important Information about Chargebacks or Disputes

If you at any time take your purchase to your bank, without contacting us first and receiving responses (and resolution) you agree to pay an additional $35 fee for the costs of the disputed transaction, along with the original item costs. You also agree to waive the return policy above, as a dispute will nullify this agreement and your returned items will no longer be refunded. We take disputes seriously, so email us at sales@hcgplusdrops.com, receive a response, and return orders prior to taking any further steps with your bank. If a dispute on an order is received, you also agree to allow collections for the fraudulent transaction. Keep track of your bills, and know what you purchased. If you do not know, or have questions about a bill, contact us at any email address you have associated with our company or directly at sales@hcgplusdrops.com Disputes are expressly prohibited by this agreement if the order shows delivered to the address you provided during checkout. If this occurs, collections agencies will be used to collect the money owed to HCG drops plus.