Battling Temptations in Phase Two – On The Protocol

Starting any weight loss program is a long road.  You have to consider a multitude of things whenever you decide to lose weight, including your body, your diet and how much you exercise.  If you start down a road of traditional diet methods, such as exercise or cutting calories, you will often encounter many obstacles along the way.  This can lead to difficulties in the longer term with achieving any sort of permanent progress, which will lead to discouragement and ultimately failure.  The average person trying to achieve weight loss actually will try to diet or go on an exercise program 3 times per year.  Studies clearly show, that even following these people for decades afterwards, less than 10% of them will ultimately achieve permanent weight loss at any point during that time.  There is obviously a major problem with the classic approach of diet and exercise.

Fighting Off TemptationsThe HCG diet is not only a treatment which has been proven to work, it’s been proven to deliver results above and beyond either of these methods.  The methodologies that are described in phase one and two of the protocol have been well studied.  The results are very positive, with the average person succeeding well after they halt taking the hormone each day.  Those that go through the HCG diet method keep the weight off long into phase three.  Only a small fraction have gained back the weight they’ve lost after the first year, which does show some great promise.  This is some strong evidence that the use of this hormone is leading to more benefits and less negative risks than the more traditional methods out there.

Getting the Most from The HCG Diet A Quick How To Method:

Yes, we all know that this protocol works well, but there are definitely some things that can turn your journey from a long uphill climb to a much easier road to go down.  Break protocol is a question we get constantly, with many people asking us what they should do once it occurs.  There’s no one size fits all solution to this, however, you want to stick to the protocol at all costs (and continue to take the hormone daily without stopping, even if the protocol is broken).  On the original Dr. Simeons plan as described, a person was limited to no more than 500 calories per day.  Yet on the modern approach, what we recommend, this is more at 700 calories per day.   The important thing is considering which plan you’re on, and sticking to that, not switching back and forth between both trying to achieve “better” results.

Selecting among the options you have for how to do the diet, it’s really a personal choice how to progress through the program.  You should not exercise while on the original protocol (the 500 calorie method) as Dr. Simeons did not allow it.  However, on the modern approach it is permitted.  Sticking to the daily dosage of HCG is the most important part, and maintaining the diet as best as you can.  Constantly we have clients who experience a “lapse” in the diet and then stop taking the product as a result.  This is the worst thing you can do to your progress.  This will almost always result in a huge decrease in weight loss progress, as once the HCG is removed from your body, your metabolism is free to “hop around”.  This can result in pain later.