HCG protocol


Duration and Food Selection in Phase One

On a list of the biggest questions we’re asked here at HCG Plus, one of the most frequent is in regards to phase one. Many new people to do the diet have questions about how to achieve the best results, and how to start out with the diet. Our guides and information do supply significant […]


Selecting Between the Modern HCG Diet and Dr. Simeons’ Plan

Many of our customers inquire about the differences between Dr. Simeons original 500 calorie per day diet and what we describe as the more modern approach in our Quick Start Guide. There are some major differences which we will discuss here, but primarily this post will focus on selecting between the two and which is […]

Lean Steak on HCG Diet

The Modern OWL Approach and How It Differs From The Original Method

Many people are familiar with Dr. Simeons original HCG diet protocol, and its 500 calorie per day phase two requirements. Along with this were other requirements such as specific foods to eat (not a particularly long list) as well as prohibitions against exercise on the diet. Over the years, this has proven to be a […]

Fruit Meal Replacement

Protein or Meal Replacement Shakes – The Skinny on Using These In Phase Two

Many of our customers ask us about the use of meal replacement shakes, as part of the HCG diet.  It’s a popular area of interest with this protocol, since so many people want more variety in their diet than is typically offered from the fish/chicken or lean beef requirements in phase two.  The simple answer […]

Phase Two Choices

Answering a Popular Question – What Foods are Permitted in Phase Two?

One of the most popular questions customer ask is is in reference to what foods are permitted in phase two, often asking for explicit guidance.  We do outline guidelines in our Quick Start Guides and recipe guides, but many times people wonder about more exotic vegetables, fruits or want a complete list.  We don’t supply […]

Why Is HCG the Most Prescribed Obesity Treatment Today?

Many people are trying to lose weight, and many people go to their doctors to help them do so. This is understandable, as physicians are highly qualified generally in weight loss techniques. Many keep up to date on the latest research and are well informed about what methods work and which do not work so […]

Bottle of HCG

What’s Different Between HCG Drops and Injections?

Many people ask us, why should we do drops instead of injections?  We don’t advise people to do one or the other necessarily.  This is entirely up to the individual, their goals, and how much they can afford to spend on the program.  Injections need to be taken every day, but they require fewer dosages […]

Homemade Grissini Breadsticks

Grissini and Melba Toast During Phase Two

Many people who are beginning phase two have questions regarding their diet and what they can eat.  We supply full guides and information along with all orders, however, the point remains that they need more information to proceed as they expect and achieve the results they’re hoping for.  During phase two you are eating two […]

The OWL HCG diet

The Modern OWL HCG Diet Protocol – Ease in Results

The HCG diet program has historically been broken down into three distinct phases, each with their own goal.  Phase one is centered around loading or “gorging”, when a person takes in foods high in fat and low in carbs as they start the diet.  This period lasts 2 to 3 days and is important for […]

The Three Phase HCG Diet

Breakdown of the Three Phase HCG Diet Protocol

The HCG diet program is without a doubt the most effective weight loss treatment in the world. Decades of research has been spent to find out the best methods for weight loss success. Many people don’t realize that there has been a lot of research that went into making the protocol originally. Dr. Simeons conducted […]