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The Long Term Impact of the HCG Diet – After Phase Two

The HCG diet may be one of the best weight loss treatments in the world, but not all products are created equal. There are many homeopathic and hormone free products out there, and our customers constantly report the trouble they experience when trying to lose weight with these fake products. Homeopathic is just a term […]

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Difficulties Maintaining Weight Loss Even With HCG – Temptations

Many people will face a tremendously long road when they try to lose weight and keep it off.  There are many things that will ultimately impact your success or failure, whether they’re your own body’s metabolism, your diet, or your exercise routines.  If you are trying just to diet and exercise more, studies clearly show […]

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Why HCG Plus Drops Are Superior To Fake Homeopathics

Many of our customers have asked us how our product is so different from the thousands of others out there.  The ways in which its different are significant.  HCG Plus is not really similar whatsoever to many of these homeopathic or hormone-free products out there.  HCG Plus is real HCG, it contains significant levels of […]