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Why the HCG Diet Succeeds Where Other Programs Fail

The major weight loss issues of our time are being addressed in both a scientific fashion that is both time consuming and produces weaker, less rapid results. Nowadays people are living lifestyles which are planted in one place, sedentary and barely any exercise each day. Understandably, as it takes more and more time just to make […]

Calcium and Vitamin D’s Dynamic Duo for Our Bodies

We have all seen the television commercials where people are eating yogurt and congratulating each other on their weight loss. Naturally, we assume that these ads are only there to sell yogurt, and there’s certainly that element of this advertisement being undertaken. There’s many studies which have shown that it’s not necessarily the yogurt itself, […]

Dietary Supplements While On HCG for Weight Loss

The HCG diet is designed to not require any sort of external dietary supplements in order for you to be successful. This does not mean that you cannot add some normal supplements to your weight loss to allow you to accelerate your results. Although this is not always the case for all people, sometimes you […]

Phase Two Food and Calorie Intake Selection

Many people have questions about phase two, and our guides provide a lot of recipes and outline the various food choices that are possible in the phase. Selection of the diet and which foods to eat during this phase ultimately comes down to personal choice, but there are some key ways users can select how […]


America’s Growing Obesity Epidemic – Long Term Consequences

America is on the fast track to major problems in the future, as more people become overweight or obese. The economic consequences for our already stretched healthcare system, as well as lost time in the workplace will turn into a trillion dollar a year problem before this decade is out. The challenges to finding real […]