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Difficulties Maintaining Weight Loss Even With HCG – Temptations

Many people will face a tremendously long road when they try to lose weight and keep it off.  There are many things that will ultimately impact your success or failure, whether they’re your own body’s metabolism, your diet, or your exercise routines.  If you are trying just to diet and exercise more, studies clearly show that your results will not be very good.  In fact, most studies on this subject clearly indicate that only with rapid weight loss and long term commitment can weight loss be achieved on a permanent basis.  On average, a person who is trying to lose weight will go through three diets each year, and not one will succeed.  There are many options when people try to lose weight, and many fad diets out there.  It’s only rarely that these methods work at all, and most of them have never been clinically tested or proven to work whatsoever.

Weight Loss Support TreatmentWhen comparing the traditional “fad” diet to HCG, there really isn’t much of a comparison between them.  Not only does HCG have volumes of clinical support showing it works, but it’s roughly 400% more effective than just dieting.  It’s difficult to compare this to anything that people use to lose weight as a result, because this rate of weight loss is far beyond anything seen with any other treatment.  The protocol is specifically designed around maintaining your weight loss after you stop taking the hormone.  Phase 3 of the diet is designed to do precisely this.  In studies only a small fraction gained back even a part of the weight they lost during their treatment after a year.  For this reason, along with many others, the HCG protocol is often recommended to patients and those seeking to lose weight.  This is a well tested treatment with strong clinical support.

A Simple How To – Weight Loss With the Hormone:

The HCG diet is definitely the most popular weight loss treatment today, with millions of people using it regularly to help them control their health.  It’s important to comply with all of the specific guidelines of the diet, particularly during the phases where you are taking HCG.  Your metabolism is controlled by your hypothalamus, but it’s highly susceptible to outside impacts.  Shocking it with huge changes in diet during “cheating” days could result in reduction of metabolic function for days or weeks afterwards.  On the modern approach as we recommend, customers are able to eat more like 700 calories per day along with much more variety as far as fruits and vegetables able to be eaten on the diet.  This is one of the easiest ways to avoid falling into these ruts where you don’t lose any weight for extended periods, or risk breaking the protocol by eating the wrong foods.

When you start phase three, you will be trying to maintain the great results you’ve already experienced while taking the HCG hormone for phase two.  Typically we see around 30 pounds of weight loss from our customers per regimen.  The last phase of the diet is specifically designed to prevent you from gaining back the weight you’ve lost.  If you did so, the diet would hardly be worth the hardship and effort in the end.  It’s important to keep the weight you’ve lost off for as long as possible.  Once you halt taking HCG each day your body will not be able to keep your metabolism up without care and diligence, that’s why this phase is designed and what its goals are designed to do.