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Dosage Selection, Modification and How to Avoid Stalls in Phase Two

It’s true that how much HCG you take greatly impacts your weight loss on the protocol, up to a point. Many of our customers have expressed concerns over the years that they may not be receiving enough HCG, or if they begin to stumble on the diet late into phase two, if they need to up their dosage. This post is going to discuss the outcomes customers often experience at various dosages, and if and when you should ever increase how much of the product you take.Successful Health Starts at Home

HCG Plus, being the real HCG hormone, actually is going to be a lot different than any other product you’ve likely seen or used in the past. Beyond the fact it’s alcohol-free, requires refrigeration, etc. the dosage is also quite different. With these “amino acid” cocktails people make and sell, they often recommend some random amount per day as a dosage. Typically this is 30 or 40 drops per day, or so. However, HCG Plus requires far less than this level, as it’s the real thing. So typically customers start out with 15 total drops per day with our product, and this is equivalent to 150 IUs of the hormone.

You need at least 125 IUs of the hormone per day in order for the protocol to work, as studies have clearly shown. Yet, even given this, people still advertise these fake “amino acids” or other products as if they can be substituted in successfully on the diet. These do not work, as many of our customers have found out first hand. It’s important to keep in mind that after a certain threshold, approximately 250 IUs per day orally, HCG will not actually increase your weight loss results any further nor reduce your appetite more. You will need to modify other aspects of our diet and weight loss regimen in order to achieve these changes instead.

When It’s Time to Change Your Dosage

Our clients often want to change their dosages immediately if they stop losing weight, sometimes for as little as a day’s time. This is ill advised. As studies have clearly shown, even with injections users go through brief periods of time that their weight loss slows, and potentially even increases for a few days. This is normal, and expected, while on the protocol.

The dosage of HCG provided by our product is second to none, so it’s not typically ever required to increase it. We highly recommend against the practice unless no weight loss has persisted for a period of at least 5 days in phase two. Along with this, you should also try other solutions first before increasing dosage. For example, fruit days as we have discussed in the past are excellent ways to bypass this problem successfully. This helps boost your metabolism back up to the nominal level without trying to do these more aggressive dosage changes. However, if you do not see any sort of change after this, we sometimes will recommend briefly increasing dosage to see if you respond positively.

Not everyone finds that 150 IUs is sufficient for the entirety of phase two. Physicians, at least with injections, often change this dosage based upon body weight and type. This can be done as well with HCG drops. A higher BMI and body weight the more HCG you will require to achieve the same results, up to a point anyway. Even at very high BMIs it’s almost never necessary to go above 250 IUs per day. Still, this is a solution, but only after exhausting all of the other alternatives.