Homemade Grissini Breadsticks

Grissini and Melba Toast During Phase Two

Many people who are beginning phase two have questions regarding their diet and what they can eat.  We supply full guides and information along with all orders, however, the point remains that they need more information to proceed as they expect and achieve the results they’re hoping for.  During phase two you are eating two major meals each day, lunch and dinner.  During these meals you are to eat one serving of protein, 150 grams worth on the modern approach.  This should be either lean beef, chicken (baked not fried) or fish.  Along with that you have two servings of vegetables, typically providing less than 100 calories per serving.

Many people wonder when they can eat grissini or melba toast servings as part of the modern approach.  Dr. Simeons recommended them along with one meal a day, allowing for two melba toasts (or 4 grissini sticks) each day.  It’s much the same on the modern OWL approach as well.  The goal of eating these servings of melba or grissini is to increase your carb intake up to a healthy level, as the typical diet cuts them out too much to maintain overall bodily health.  However, we recommend people eat them as snacks between meals rather than along with the meal itself.

Advantages to Grissini or Melba Toast

Homemade Grissini BreadsticksGrissini or Melba toast was an original option on Dr. Simeons protocol as it was designed.  Since these are very low in fat, but high in carbohydrates and fiber, they were used to offset these lost essential ingredients when people are cutting out so much from their diet in phase two.  There are some advantages to each, and it’s really a personal choice which one you choose to use.

  • Melba Toast – This is the most common choice for many HCG dieters as it’s the easiest to find.  Typically this is toasted bread which is also partially dehydrated.  It’s useful in that it contains a lot of carbs and is widely available, but it’s also a bit more calorie rich than grissini.  Usually melba toast is cheaper per serving than grissini, and is available at most grocery stores.  This increased availability and price makes it a great choice for someone trying to do the HCG diet for as reasonable a cost as possible.
  • Grissini Breadsticks – These are a great option for those that take their lunches with them to work while in phase two.  These are handheld items rather than the melba toasts so they can be eaten on the go or at your desk.  They’re a bit more difficult to find, but can be ordered online.  The total servings of 4 per day also helps people who want to straggle out their food intake to make it easier on them and cut down on their hunger during the day.

Regardless of the choice you make, we recommend people keep in mind that these are an important part of the diet.  You can substitute them out with similar foods or with some light calorie carbohydrate rich vegetables, but it’s recommended to use these options instead.  There are even gluten free Grissini breadsticks out there, which can help people who have celiac on the HCG diet.  Typically, if you’re doing meal replacement shakes for lunch instead of the diet itself, you can cut out a serving of either one of these since you’re getting carbohydrates another way.