Power Through Phase One With These Simple Steps

Many new users mistakenly take phase one of the diet for granted, believing it to be an unimportant step in the process. Oftentimes customers tell us that they skip this phase entirely, believing that they don’t need to load for the 2 to 3 days to start, or that “it’s not worth the calories”. This is a huge mistake, for many reasons we aim to outline here in this post. Phase one is a critical stage of the protocol, and without it, it can be very difficult to push through the various levels and factors that need to be overcome to succeed and lose weight. By taking in foods high in fat during the start your diet, your metabolism kicks into high gear, allowing it to remain at an elevated level once the HCG begins to work. It is important to begin taking the hormone during this phase, not to help you lose weight, but to get your body up to a nominally high level of HCG so that your metabolism locks in place and remains there for the start of Phase 2. It takes a few days for your body to absorb and adapt to taking HCG daily.

phase-one-foodsPhase one of the HCG diet was originally designed by Dr. Simeons to help remove one of the most serious problems of the weight loss protocol and its success, users simply were too hungry in phase two at the start and their metabolism was at a depressed level once the HCG took hold. This is what needs to be avoided, as if the user’s metabolism is allowed to drop by the diet prior to HCG taking effect this lower metabolism level will stay throughout phase two. ┬áThis would be catastrophic, as one of the major benefits of HCG is that it boosts metabolism and maintains a high metabolic level even with a decrease in caloric intake.

What to Do to Get The Best Success in Phase 1

The use of this hormone works best when following the plan laid out by physicians today, which we outline in our Quick Start Guide or Dr. Simeons Original Protocol. There are benefits to both, but for this we will discuss the more modern approach which allows higher caloric intake in phase two.

During phase one you are charged with eating foods high in fat and calories, but low in carbs. There are two reasons for this. Fat intake directly boosts metabolism, as does caloric intake. Your body will try to burn more food you eat, as it believes this food is a new norm that will be established by your body. You want this to happen, as your body will then lock in this higher metabolism for the later phases of the diet. Foods that we recommend for this phase are extensive, but examples include things like natural oils (olive oil, flatseed oil etc), steak, pork, beef, cheese (yes dairy is allowed in phase one) and avocados. You want to eat foods high in fat, but low in other carbohydrates, particularly processed sugars.

This does differ from the often cited claims by many fake HCG suppliers out there that say “EAT ANYTHING”. The reason for this difference is our product is real HCG, and actually follows the protocol, so that our customers achieve real success. We recommend the same protocol as physicians do to their patients who are receiving injections.