Weight Loss HCG Plus

Why HCG Plus Drops Are Superior To Fake Homeopathics

Many of our customers have asked us how our product is so different from the thousands of others out there.  The ways in which its different are significant.  HCG Plus is not really similar whatsoever to many of these homeopathic or hormone-free products out there.  HCG Plus is real HCG, it contains significant levels of the hormone in each bottle.  In addition, the product contains clinical levels, similar to what a person would receive via injections.  A certain level of HCG must be taken each day in order for it to work, and these homeopathic products use a lot of made up values like “4x, 6x, 8x” on their labels.  This is always a sure sign that the product doesn’t even contain the hormone at all.

Products that do contain the hormone are always quite obvious when you examine them.  They will always require refrigeration, they should clearly state their concentrations in IUs (international units) and they should also have a fairly finite shelf life.  All 3 of these things are only found when the product is actually the real thing.  If you see a product that claims it’s good for two years, or has alcohol in it, it’s definitely not the real hormone.  Unfortunately, there sure are a lot of such products out there right now.

The Benefits of HCG Plus Drops

Weight Loss HCG PlusThere are many advantages to a real product like HCG plus.  When you take clinical levels of the HCG hormone your results will be outrageously good.  Most people taking HCG plus lose 20 to 30 pounds per month once they start the regimen.  Whereas if you were taking a product that didn’t contain these high levels of the actual hormone, your results would suffer tremendously.  These fakes typically contain what they call “amino acid” blends, which is just another way of indicating it doesn’t contain any HCG.

HCG Plus is the only pure hcg product on the market today without going through your doctor and mixing it yourself.  HCG Plus is completely alcohol-free, it has a base of B-12, which helps with both absorption of the hormone and energy.  This is unique as far as HCG drops go, and is very similar to how injections are (which have B-12 as well often).  This makes HCG Plus a very unique product in the world of oral hormone drops.

When you order from HCG Plus you receive not only the best HCG drops but also the best customer service in the industry.  We’re always here on live chat, by email or by phone to help you.  You can also contact us on facebook or other services that we use and ask us anything you wish.  HCG plus stands behind their product and ensures you’re happy both with your results and with what you receive.