Exercises for HCG Drops Diet

Yoga Exercises for the HCG Diet

We all wish it was just a simple matter of taking a pill and our weight would just disappear. Even with a highly effective treatment like the HCG diet, however, this just simply isn’t the case.  We recommend a variety of exercises as part of the HCG diet (at least on the modern approach) that people can do to go along with their protocol.  Dr. Simeons original method, which is 500 calories per day, does not allow for any exercise on the program.  However, when you’re doing the modern HCG diet you can take 700 calories per day or even more in some cases.  This allows people to do moderate exercises during their regimen and, in most cases, their results are even better than on the original method.

People often have preferences on what kind of exercises they want to do while on the HCG protocol, which is fine.  It’s true that most exercises are permitted, including moderate weight training as well as cardiovascular exercises.  However, one of the best methods for our customers has been yoga.  This exercise not only improves flexibility, but releases huge levels of calories and increases metabolism directly.  Yoga has been used for centuries as a way to release endorphins, enable people to relax and remain calm and also lose weight.  It’s probably the single most effective exercise as part of a plan like the HCG diet at helping weight loss.

Simple Yoga Exercises to Get You Started

Exercises for HCG Drops DietBelow we outline several typical exercises you’d see when doing yoga. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and if you decide to do this as your exercise, you’d want to find an online resource that has a full guide to yoga poses and exercises.

  • Mountain Pose – This pose may be deceptively simple, but it’s important in terms of yoga.  You’re standing straight up, hands by your side, feet flat on the ground shoulder width apart and knees unlocked.  You stand like this, and begin your exercise in this position often.  It’s a calming and heart healthy way to begin your exercise as your heart rate will begin to increase slowly.
  • Raised Arm Pose – Inhale and slowly bring your arms above your head.  This pose is all about body alignment and it’s important to keep that in mind.  Palms can touch or be apart, but you want to slowly raise your head with your arms until you’re looking above
  • Standing Forward Bend – Exhale and bend forward.  If your hamstrings are tight when you do this, bend your knees so you get a full stretch within your back.  You want to stretch forward and down and try to pull your head close to your knees.  The relieves huge amounts of stress in your back.

Yoga is one of the best exercises for the HCG diet, particularly with hcg drops, because it boosts metabolism, helps people increase their energy, and improves mood considerably.  We’ve found that the most successful users of HCG Plus over the years have almost always done yoga as their exercise method.  This is not to say other people have not done extremely well, but it seems like yoga is the best exercise as part of this diet in ensuring the person reaches their weight loss goals.  It’s a great resource for the protocol.